Eager to be rich at your pension day ?

Just for sharing the idea of a book that I read yesterday at the bookstore. The title exactly is not same with my blog’s title. The title of the book  was “Kebelet Kaya” in Indonesian, which I translated as “eager to be rich at your pension day ?”. I know this topic is as old as the industrialism had begun at a few century ago that we know the working class people had been created automatically by this industrialism’s effect. The people who totally earn their income by working at the other people’s capital. Some of them were working only for a part of their life and begin as an entrepreneur themself, but some of them remain worked until their pension day. This book elaborates the two kind of these people. The author gives a plenty of examples for the successful people who don’t work until their pension day, but started to begin their own business in their earliest age. The successful people is not just meaning that success in their wealth, but also in their emosional manner. Their life become colorful of many things that happened when they struggle while they are doing their own bussiness in the up and down situation. They can maintain their spirit and look more live compared to the other people who work for the other people until their pension day. The people who were working until their pension day seem don’t have as much spirit as those entrepreneur people. And their emotional intelligent looked quite lower than the entrepreneur people. I believe, that you’ve ever heard post power syndrome, right ? The people who face the kind of  “lose of power(working ability) disease” which is actually we don’t have medicine for that. Which group of people are you in now ? I hope you will be the group of entrepreneur.