To be a light of Christmas’s bright as your next year resolutions

A blessing month has been came, we are in December again ! A long journey for the year 2009 will be passed away in these few days. What are your achievements for this year 2009 ? Do they satisfy you along with your set goal in the beginning of this year ? I hope so that all the happiness will come to you with the bright of the Christmas day. As the Christmas celebration’s theme of my company this year : “Working in bright of Christmas for our next days”, let’s  work as part of the bright of Christmas to the other people in our company or community. As the Jesus ‘s love give us for the whole year, we could share these love to other people around us in the next days. How ? Just follow a few simple step. First, be acting in the true and good manner in every situation, that means do the true thing you believe is true or acting as a good human being. Of course, don’t do the bad thing that you know is totally not true. It’s so simple right ? Now, the second is share your fortune to the unfortunate people. There is one paradigm that we should believe it’s true; it says that the more you give, the more you will be given.  The third is listening to the wise man’s words. Who is the wise man ? There are many people that could be the wise man for you. It could be your boss, your religion leader, your parent, the older people. Why ?  These wise people express their statements or words based on the experiences or realities they had faced/ listened. Don’t loose your time in vain, because you don’t know what the other people had known before.  That’s all from me. If it’s possible, I hope you will be put my thoughts as a part of your resolutions for the next year. The last but at least, I would say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010” to all of you.