Learning from Michael Jackson’s Dead

Hi All,

This is the first time I write my blog in English. I know it’s not really good, but I hope it can be understood by everyone. It seems to be not long ago since the dead of Michael Jackson. Everyone who love pop music will be remembered of his influences in pop music.

The unique style of his pop music and his excellent stage performance have been influenced many pop singer. Many musical observer has commented on his great performance after his dead and they are agree to admit his contribution of pop music to be the unforgettable moment even past many years in the future.

What do we learn of Michael Jackson’s dead ? First, Michael Jackson’s dedication is a good role model for person who wants to get confession as ripsnorter. We know that musical world is not the primary thing in human’s live, but it could not understate the existence of human being. It could bring up to the improvement of someone’s live and potention.

Second thing, the creativity of Michael Jackson should be the main thing that can be followed by us. It will diversify one person to be unique, compared with the others. Unique product will be remain unforgettable thing for the rest of the world. So, a retorical question, could we be creative as Michael Jackson ? Please keep this question for yourself and don’t forget to answer it by giving your best effort on getting it.

The last but at least, we know that Michael Jackson’s dead had leave behind quite a lot of his obligation. It will be a good lesson for us, the popularity of someone sometimes could make his/her life miserable when he/she forgot to stop his/her ambition. We can learn that Michael Jackson is ambitious person that he can get everything once it passed to his mind, even though his power of money is not enough to gain. Yes, that we know the proverb of “no pain no gain”, but also don’t forget that “you can plan something, but the granting is in God”.

Hope you can enjoy my article today. Thanks.