Compassionate for The Bomb’s Victim

Friday, 17th July 2009, three days before Manchester United, the champion of English prime league 2009,  comes to Jakarta Indonesia for the exhibition match with Indonesian all star team, the terrorist had put several innocent people into dead. Some other people were foreign tourist and the others were Indonesian people. What a shocking and unpredictable moment that the same suicide bombing recur at the same place which is the JW Marriott Hotel a few years ago (2003).  The second explosively bomb was happened also at Ritz Carlton Hotel which is the place that Manchester United official and player team will staying during their tour to Indoneisa for exhibition match with Indonesian All Star team. The terrible incident had made Manchester United team cancel their visit to Indonesia, even the chief of Indonesian Football Association go to the Malaysia for assuring that Indonesia will escalating close custody for the all member of team.

The most important thing that the actor behind these bomb is not human being at all. Of course, we realise that there is a motive why they are doing this aggresive action, but they had already caused the innocent people to become victims. They had took over someone life whom had been killed by the bombs. May be some of the victims were a wage earner for their family and their dead will put the family into suffering situation. I think the terrorist had lost consideration for this matter.  We can conclude that the terrorists, don’t have any affection as the human being. We know that every religion in the world teaches the followers to compassionate each other and also to love each other apart from the religion.

At the end, I just want to say that I really condolence for all the victim of this tragedy, and I hope that Indonesian Police Intelligent Agency can clamping down on the bomb terror in the future.