Think With Your Right Sided Brain

One book that I read last Sunday influence me so much. Eventhough I didn’t read the book completely, but the main idea has been enrich my knowledge about the brillian idea that always come from the right brain thinker. The book was written by one of the successful people that deploying right brain for thinking. The author is Ippho Santosa (to Ippho Santosa, ask for your permission to mention your name in my current writing). I would recommend you to this book. Come on, go to the bookstore and get the book. I believe you will be satisfied after you had read it. The applied language was so light and had fully joke to help the reader get the main idea of each passage. Quite easy to get the book and I am sure the book will be one of the best seller marketing book. Please noted that title is “Marketing is bullshit!”.

The content was started with explanation about the differences between left brain thinker and right brain thinker. The explanation is so clear that can help you to understand the blazing of using your right brain. He explained about why the successful people were so rare in the community. The reason was undenied, that the successful people is optimizing their capability by using their right brain intensively, rather than their left brain. Thinking with right brain means thinking about something with unlinear method. It is not logically thinking, but it is like a long jumping frog. We could say, step your foot forward two or three steps in one times movement. Some people also identified the method is unusual way or unbelievable way. But yes, of course some of the choosen method doesn’t make sense, but it works! Thinking out of the box is also one of the component that came out from the right brain.

So, to boost achievement of your objective, destiny, success, you should employ your right brain into your current state. The more you put your right brain, the faster you will gain the successful thing in your life. rit bra


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