We are not only black and white at all !

The more you learn the more you will be wiser. This is what I’ve picked from this weekly sermon from the priest. Most of us are often falling into perspective of looking something as black or white condition. Hurrying judgement to someone or something is very often seen in our daily life nowadays. People are blaming each other, no body admit to his/her own false or sin. If one thing became wrong, it is very easy to say that this is because of your false, not me.

So, what we should do to cope this weakness as a human being ? First of all, please keep praying to God to asking Him to share a little bit of His wisdom for us. Second, learning from the words of wiseman, but please keep on mind as the changing happen time to time, not every word are fitted with the condition of recent day. The only thing we shall to do is picking the core of the words, and adapted it for the current condition.

Third, this is the most important, please do not looking someone or something only at two side, but be consider that everything has something which is in progression, to becoming good or bad (of course we hope it becoming good). Please always looking something happen very carefully and don’t make any prejudice before you listen from many sources, and also looking it from several point of view. Be conscious, we are human being that having good intelligence, but are very capable to hurt somebody else’s heart and even “killing” them through our blurting out.


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