Installing Windows 2008 R2 64bit into Dell Poweredge R230

In this opportunity I wanted to share some of my experience when trying to install Windows 2008 R2 64bit Enterprise into my company’s new server “Dell PowerEdge R230”. At first time, I was struggled for getting through the issue of freezing of keyboard & mouse on the first screen after DVD installation has loaded into the server. I took some hours to google and found that this freezing issue was caused by USB 3.0 driver is not loaded from my Windows 2008 R2 64bit installation DVD. Actually the solution is easy enough, because Dell has already put the solution in their knowledge base database. The following is the link : This Dell’s solution provides 2 methods that we can follow to inject USB 3.0 driver into Windows 2008 R2 64bit installation DVD. I would prefer first method, because it’s quite simple to follow (there is step by step guidance to create a new injected USB 3.0 into your Windows 2008 installation DVD). Please be prepared of one blank DVD disc. After successfully getting through the freezing issue, then I was jumped to another issue which is no drive is detected. This issue is easily resolved by download harddisk driver for PERC H330. The following is the link to download the harddisk driver: After landed into the link, then you download the harddisk driver by scrolling down until you’ve found the file W2k8R2_8XFFN_6.602.35.00_A01_ZPE.exe . Run & unzip the file into some Thumbdrive and load the unzipped file when you are being asked to load harddisk driver.

By doing all that steps, I can getting through successfully my Windows 2008 R2 64bit Enterprise version on the new server Dell PowerEdge R230.


Think With Your Right Sided Brain

One book that I read last Sunday influence me so much. Eventhough I didn’t read the book completely, but the main idea has been enrich my knowledge about the brillian idea that always come from the right brain thinker. The book was written by one of the successful people that deploying right brain for thinking. The author is Ippho Santosa (to Ippho Santosa, ask for your permission to mention your name in my current writing). I would recommend you to this book. Come on, go to the bookstore and get the book. I believe you will be satisfied after you had read it. The applied language was so light and had fully joke to help the reader get the main idea of each passage. Quite easy to get the book and I am sure the book will be one of the best seller marketing book. Please noted that title is “Marketing is bullshit!”.

The content was started with explanation about the differences between left brain thinker and right brain thinker. The explanation is so clear that can help you to understand the blazing of using your right brain. He explained about why the successful people were so rare in the community. The reason was undenied, that the successful people is optimizing their capability by using their right brain intensively, rather than their left brain. Thinking with right brain means thinking about something with unlinear method. It is not logically thinking, but it is like a long jumping frog. We could say, step your foot forward two or three steps in one times movement. Some people also identified the method is unusual way or unbelievable way. But yes, of course some of the choosen method doesn’t make sense, but it works! Thinking out of the box is also one of the component that came out from the right brain.

So, to boost achievement of your objective, destiny, success, you should employ your right brain into your current state. The more you put your right brain, the faster you will gain the successful thing in your life. rit bra

Connecting PHP to MYSQL Database in another machine

If you had webserver and you had another mysql that hosting your database, and it is kept in another machine and you want to connect it via your local area network, so you need to grant access for remote connection on that mysql.

Please run the following script on SQL command at that mysql database :

                ‘[user]’@'[hostname]’ identified by

Note : replace [dbname] with your database name, replace [user] with your username or you can put root as default, replace [hostname] with your computer IP/name that act as your webserver, and replace [password]  with your password that set at the beginning.

For doing some testing, you can try the following command (command prompt) at your computer that act as webserver :

telnet 3306 <enter>

Note : if you don’t see the message that the computer (hosted mysql database)  refuse your connection directly, it means your connection to that mysql database can be established.

Putting Your MySQL Data into Datagrid with ADODC

I believe the following information I post here is not too easy to be found while you are searching in internet. I’ve been wasted for almost 2 days to making VB6’s Datagrid control get connected to some of MySQL database. Some of this information are also taken from some books I read. I’m sure some of the other beginner like me would face this problem also, so I feel this is important to share with all of you.

So, let’s begin. When you try to connect your Datagrid control (from Microsoft Datagrid 6.0 (OLEDB)), please make sure you have already put ADODC to your project reference. If don’t, you can add some ADODC control at your form, then run the project for the first time (later on you can delete this ADODC control; it’s only for initial running to make the ADODC’s reference be included with your program).

Please note, you need to install MySQL ODBC connector, but please make sure you don’t use the version 3.51, because ADODC 6.0 cannot run with this version. Please install the version 5.1 or newer. For you who dont’ have and install it (the MySQL ODBC Connector), you can get it from the following link :

Now, let’s start our VB6. In coding windows, please type the following codes :

Option Explicit
Dim con As ADODB.Connection
Dim tbITSupport As ADODB.Recordset
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set con = New ADODB.Connection
    con.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    con.ConnectionString = “Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};” & _
                        “SERVER=;PWD=;UID=;” & _
    Set tbITSupport = New ADODB.Recordset
    tbITSupport.LockType = adLockOptimistic
    tbITSupport.CursorType = adOpenDynamic
    tbITSupport.Open “Select noform,tgl,jam,departemen,extension from itsupport”, _
                    con, , , adCmdText
    Set DataGrid1.DataSource = tbITSupport
End Sub


Note : I took some columns from my project (my table name in MySQL is ITSupport).

Any comment or want to add some information to help me sharing the topic more completely? So, please drop your comment. I would really appreciate it. Thank you all.

We are not only black and white at all !

The more you learn the more you will be wiser. This is what I’ve picked from this weekly sermon from the priest. Most of us are often falling into perspective of looking something as black or white condition. Hurrying judgement to someone or something is very often seen in our daily life nowadays. People are blaming each other, no body admit to his/her own false or sin. If one thing became wrong, it is very easy to say that this is because of your false, not me.

So, what we should do to cope this weakness as a human being ? First of all, please keep praying to God to asking Him to share a little bit of His wisdom for us. Second, learning from the words of wiseman, but please keep on mind as the changing happen time to time, not every word are fitted with the condition of recent day. The only thing we shall to do is picking the core of the words, and adapted it for the current condition.

Third, this is the most important, please do not looking someone or something only at two side, but be consider that everything has something which is in progression, to becoming good or bad (of course we hope it becoming good). Please always looking something happen very carefully and don’t make any prejudice before you listen from many sources, and also looking it from several point of view. Be conscious, we are human being that having good intelligence, but are very capable to hurt somebody else’s heart and even “killing” them through our blurting out.

Eager to be rich at your pension day ?

Just for sharing the idea of a book that I read yesterday at the bookstore. The title exactly is not same with my blog’s title. The title of the book  was “Kebelet Kaya” in Indonesian, which I translated as “eager to be rich at your pension day ?”. I know this topic is as old as the industrialism had begun at a few century ago that we know the working class people had been created automatically by this industrialism’s effect. The people who totally earn their income by working at the other people’s capital. Some of them were working only for a part of their life and begin as an entrepreneur themself, but some of them remain worked until their pension day. This book elaborates the two kind of these people. The author gives a plenty of examples for the successful people who don’t work until their pension day, but started to begin their own business in their earliest age. The successful people is not just meaning that success in their wealth, but also in their emosional manner. Their life become colorful of many things that happened when they struggle while they are doing their own bussiness in the up and down situation. They can maintain their spirit and look more live compared to the other people who work for the other people until their pension day. The people who were working until their pension day seem don’t have as much spirit as those entrepreneur people. And their emotional intelligent looked quite lower than the entrepreneur people. I believe, that you’ve ever heard post power syndrome, right ? The people who face the kind of  “lose of power(working ability) disease” which is actually we don’t have medicine for that. Which group of people are you in now ? I hope you will be the group of entrepreneur.

To be a light of Christmas’s bright as your next year resolutions

A blessing month has been came, we are in December again ! A long journey for the year 2009 will be passed away in these few days. What are your achievements for this year 2009 ? Do they satisfy you along with your set goal in the beginning of this year ? I hope so that all the happiness will come to you with the bright of the Christmas day. As the Christmas celebration’s theme of my company this year : “Working in bright of Christmas for our next days”, let’s  work as part of the bright of Christmas to the other people in our company or community. As the Jesus ‘s love give us for the whole year, we could share these love to other people around us in the next days. How ? Just follow a few simple step. First, be acting in the true and good manner in every situation, that means do the true thing you believe is true or acting as a good human being. Of course, don’t do the bad thing that you know is totally not true. It’s so simple right ? Now, the second is share your fortune to the unfortunate people. There is one paradigm that we should believe it’s true; it says that the more you give, the more you will be given.  The third is listening to the wise man’s words. Who is the wise man ? There are many people that could be the wise man for you. It could be your boss, your religion leader, your parent, the older people. Why ?  These wise people express their statements or words based on the experiences or realities they had faced/ listened. Don’t loose your time in vain, because you don’t know what the other people had known before.  That’s all from me. If it’s possible, I hope you will be put my thoughts as a part of your resolutions for the next year. The last but at least, I would say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010” to all of you.